Zombie Paintball Adventure

Zombie, Paintball, bonnie springs ranch, red rock canyon

Come join us and shoot zombies at Bonnie Springs Ranch in the heart of Red Rock Canyon!

Part of the annual “Bonnie Screams” Halloween celebration, the Zombie Paintball Adventure affords visitors the opportunity to test their shooting skills on the zombie hordes overrunning Bonnie Springs. Aboard the Zombie Paintball Express, participants go beyond Old Town and scour Bonnie Springs for dozens of undead targets throughout October in Las Vegas’ only paintball bus ride. A break from the cowering and shrieking that accompanies the haunted houses, the Zombie Paintball Adventure offers an opportunity to exact revenge against the horrid creatures at “Bonnie Screams”. Prepare yourself and your friends for the ultimate in paintball and Halloween haunts!

The Zombie Paintball Express also runs periodically throughout the year.

Call us at (702) 875-4191 for more information and admission!



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