Winter Activities at Bonnie Springs Ranch

It may not always seem like it, but winter provides some of the best opportunities of the year for outdoor recreation in Southern Nevada. In addition to its pristine beauty and serene environment, Red Rock Canyon is home to numerous trails for hiking and cycling, and the winter weather makes exploring the outdoors both engaging and refreshing for visitors of every skill level. Bonnie Springs Ranch lies only five miles from the Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center, and we have also developed an appreciation for the unique atmosphere Red Rock takes on in the winter. Horseback riding remains perhaps our most popular outdoor attraction throughout the year, with hundreds of guests experiencing Nevada’s natural splendor for themselves. It takes on a whole new level of relaxation in winter, however. The cooler air keeps everyone comfortable, while the early sunrises lend an added, unique element of beauty to the canyon during our morning rides. If you happen to be a longtime frequenter of our stables or have never even ridden a horse, we are sure you will find our horseback ride to be an unparalleled encounter with the wonders of Red Rock Canyon and one of our greatest winter activities.

If you and your family are looking to warm up a bit after your visit, stop by the Bonnie Springs Ranch Restaurant for some of the finest food in the southwest. From our Super Salads and Wild West Chili to our World-Famous BBQ and classic BSR Burger, we can accommodate any appetite and give our guests the perfect dish for any season. Try our Piping Hot Pies for a surefire way to shake off the cold or take a breather after your early morning horseback ride with Grandma’s Country Breakfast. Bonnie Springs Ranch will be open throughout the holiday season, so bring the whole family out for the full Red Rock Canyon experience and a chance to try all of our winter activities…and don’t forget to treat them to the best meal this side of the Strip!