Saloon at Old Town

Separate from the bar at the Bonnie Springs Ranch Restaurant, the Saloon sits at the limits of Old Town and offers full bar service and party space for groups or just the quick drink for visitors. Modeled to keep with the western theme, the saloon serves as the largest indoor space in Old Town and accommodates families daily with all the lounging comforts of the past and none of the mess, as well as the much-needed opportunity for shade. The bar menu completes the relaxation with stocks of hot dogs and popcorn and ensures that no one goes hungry or thirsty during their stay.

Saloon at Old Town

Built to accommodate parties of up to 900 people, the saloon also serves as Old Town’s primary space for hosting large groups. The functional barbecues make sure that patrons stay satisfied during visits, while the saloon converts to a fully catered kitchen for events that supplies a complete menu of ribs, chicken, and western food. Groups exceeding capacity may use the barbecue pit in the courtyard as an additional dining station. The saloon may also be divided into three rooms to allow for multiple parties if necessary.

Whether it is a corporate event or family retreat, the Bonnie Springs Saloon can provide entertainment and recreation for all ages. Live country and western bands, dance instructions, private rodeos, mechanical bulls, western-themed games, team building exercises, and more are available upon request.

Saloon at Old Town     Saloon at Old Town

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