About Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon, Bonnie Springs Ranch, guideWelcoming more than two million visitors each year, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is Southern Nevada’s premier outdoors destination. Accessible by a half hour drive west of the Strip, Red Rock Canyon stands comfortably as the most renowned scenic attraction in the Las Vegas area. Noted for its reddish sandstone rock formations, known collectively as the Keystone Thrust, that scale up to 3000 feet, Red Rock offers a variety of options for exploring the canyon’s natural splendor and wildlife. Thousands of species of plant, animal, and insect life populate the area, including Mojave yucca, Joshua tree, gray foxes, white-crowned sparrows, mule deer, wild burros, rabbits, red-spotted toads, desert tortoises, and Desert big horn sheep. Geologically, Red Rock Canyon bears complexity as well, with its grand red walls and peaks serving as evidence of the millions of years that saw the land develop from Paleozoic Era ocean basin to modern desert.

In addition to its dozens of hiking trails showcasing every region of the canyon, the site accommodates recreational activities such as biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, camping, and picnic areas and features more than a few wonderful spots for photography. With support from the Southern Nevada Conservancy, the preserve also offers informative guided tours and educational workshops at its facilities for all ages; Red Rock’s official mascot, the desert tortoise Mojave Max, is even available for viewing upon entering the Visitor Center.

Bonnie Springs, cowboys, red rock canyonLocated just minutes from the Red Rock Visitor Center, Bonnie Springs Ranch provides the only lodging, dining, and gambling opportunities near the canyon. As Red Rock’s “best kept secret”, the site serves visitors daily and contributes its own attractions to the Red Rock Canyon area. The Old Nevada Western Town, modeled to reproduce the 19th century mining towns of the Old West, sits in the heart of Bonnie Springs with a complement of cowboys, showgirls, and live entertainment (featuring the occasional gunfight and public hanging) to accompany visitors while spending time at the restaurant, shops, and saloon.