Helldorado Days 2018

Helldorado Days Parade 2018

We would like to thank everyone who came out to support us at the 2018 Helldorado Days Parade. Downtown Las Vegas looked even better in the daytime for the annual celebration of the Wild West, and we appreciated the opportunity to connect with families from all over the valley. Helldorado Days has honored the history of Nevada since 1934 and taken in over $4 million in donations to be used for local children’s and veterans’ charities. Almost one hundred different organizations entered into this year’s parade, making Helldorado Days a strong representation of the groups and communities that make up

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Easter at Bonnie Springs Ranch in Red Rock Canyon

Easter at Bonnie Springs

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for our Easter celebration this month. We appreciate your support and the warmth you and your families have brought to the ranch. Although it wasn’t the coolest Easter on record, the Easter Bunnies managed to brave the heat and stopped by to visit our guests and help us start April off on the right foot. It is always our privilege to share the holidays with Las Vegas residents and visitors from all over the world. We look forward to spending Spring 2018 with our wonderful “extended family” and hope that we

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Brochachos Car Show, March 24 Bonnie Springs Ranch

Brochachos Car Show

We would like to thank everyone who came out to the ranch last Saturday to help us ring in Spring Break with the Brochachos Car Show. Hundreds of people from all over southern Nevada have already made this a spring to remember at Bonnie Springs, and we hope we gave visitors a day of relaxation, entertainment, and some of the most remarkable automobiles ever produced. We would also like to extend our thanks to all of the musicians who entertained our guests throughout the day and, of course, the Brochachos Car Show, whose dozens of beautifully-preserved classic cars allowed us

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Snow at Old Town at Bonnie Springs

Holidays at Bonnie Springs Ranch

With the end of the year fast approaching and winter starting to show, now is the perfect time to experience the outdoors in southern Nevada and take a trip to Bonnie Springs. The ranch is a great place to take a mini-vacation, whether you are a local just looking for a weekend outside of the city or an out-of-towner who wants to experience the best natural life and scenery Nevada has to offer. Red Rock Canyon is located just five miles from the ranch, which means that all the hiking, cycling, camping, and sightseeing opportunities you could want are only

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Sarabi, Zoo, serval

Sarabi Update

Sarabi has made for an exciting year at the Bonnie Springs Zoo. Since her arrival in June, we have received numerous comments, both online and in-person, praising her inclusion at the zoo, and we could not be happier to have welcomed her to the family. An African serval cat, Sarabi has brought greater natural and aesthetic diversity to the zoo and continues to offer our staff the opportunity to work with a remarkable species. Though largely unknown to the public, the serval cat represents one of sub-Saharan Africa’s most remarkable creatures, and Sarabi is no exception. She remains as impressive

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Bonnie Screams Revisited

Now that Halloween has come and gone and the holidays are already here, we would like to take this time to thank everyone who attended this year’s Bonnie Screams. With your help, support, and enthusiasm, we were able to put on the best Bonnie Screams season ever! We have received remarkable feedback from those who braved the haunts, including attendees and performers alike, and we were thrilled to provide an eerie but exciting night out for our guests. From the Zombie Paintball Express to the haunted saloon, Bonnie Springs and Old Town went completely over to the ghosts and became

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Old Nevada Western Town at Bonnie Springs Ranch

Old Nevada at the Bonnie Springs Ranch is a replica of an old West town complete with cowboys, showgirls, saloon, gunfights in the street and a good old fashion town hanging.  Just 35 minutes West of the Las Vegas Strip, Bonnie Springs Ranch is the best kept secret 5 minutes drive beyond Red Rock Canyon. The Ranch is the only place to get food, drinks, gambling and lodging in Red Rock Canyon. For more information, please go to the menu pages at the top of the site.

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Horseback Riding – Red Rock Canyon Riding Stables

With over 2 million visitors coming to Red Rock Canyon every year, one of the most popular destinations is the Red Rock Canyon Riding Stables.  Tucked at the base of the canyon at the Bonnie Springs Ranch, just 35 minutes west of the Las Vegas strip is the Red Rock Canyon Riding Stables. The stables can take up to 25 riders with 3 ranch wranglers as your guides as you explore the base of the canyon on horse back.  Our horses are well trained and very comfortable with new riders. This is one of the amazing ways to see desert in

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Brides of Bonnie Screams

The Brides of Bonnie Screams 2017

With 5 haunted houses, Bonnie Screams is one of the largest Halloween attractions in the Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon areas. The Brides of Bonnie Screams is just the first of these haunted houses, but it serves as a test of will and stomach that separates the brave from the soon-to-be-buried. This Halloween house is filled with more than a few lovely ghouls just waiting to meet the right person. The Haunted House of Brides is open every night through October 31st. If you love to be scared to death or are looking for a partner for eternity, this is

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Wedding, bonnie Springs, chapel, red rock canyon

Bonnie Springs Weddings

For many, bringing family and friends together to witness the marriage of two people is a dream come true and Las Vegas remains one of the most popular destinations in the world to get married. But you don’t need to be boxed in to the Little White Wedding Chapel with Elvis performing the ceremony! Only 35 minutes West of the Las Vegas Strip is Bonnie Springs Ranch, Red Rock Canyon’s “best kept secret”. Bonnie Springs Ranch is the ideal setting for a country wedding, commitment ceremony, or vow renewal complete with a wedding chapel and a saloon reception. Set in the western-themed Old Town at

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Bonnie Springs Zoo African Serval

Bonnie Springs Zoo to Add African Serval

Breaking!!! The Bonnie Springs Ranch Zoo staff is pleased to announce that we are expecting to add our very first African Serval this July! Indigenous to southern Africa, the serval (also known as the tierboskat) bears distinction in that it remains the only member of the genus Leptailurus since its first recorded identification in 1776. Furthermore, the species retains a rich history of association with human beings, as evidenced in depictions dating back to Ancient Egypt; the animals are occasionally kept as pets (under strict regulation) even to this day. Physically, the serval sports the longest legs (relative to body size) of any cat species and employs this unique endowment,

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Zombie Paintball Bus at Bonnie Screams

Zombie Paintball Adventure

Come join us and shoot zombies at Bonnie Springs Ranch in the heart of Red Rock Canyon! Part of the annual “Bonnie Screams” Halloween celebration, the Zombie Paintball Adventure affords visitors the opportunity to test their shooting skills on the zombie hordes overrunning Bonnie Springs. Aboard the Zombie Paintball Express, participants go beyond Old Town and scour Bonnie Springs for dozens of undead targets throughout October in Las Vegas’ only paintball bus ride. A break from the cowering and shrieking that accompanies the haunted houses, the Zombie Paintball Adventure offers an opportunity to exact revenge against the horrid creatures at “Bonnie Screams”. Prepare yourself and

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