Holidays at Bonnie Springs Ranch

With the end of the year fast approaching and winter starting to show, now is the perfect time to experience the outdoors in southern Nevada and take a trip to Bonnie Springs. The ranch is a great place to take a mini-vacation, whether you are a local just looking for a weekend outside of the city or an out-of-towner who wants to experience the best natural life and scenery Nevada has to offer. Red Rock Canyon is located just five miles from the ranch, which means that all the hiking, cycling, camping, and sightseeing opportunities you could want are only minutes away. Don’t miss out on the chance to visit Red Rock before the heat returns!

All of our attractions and features, as well as the restaurant and motel (the only such establishments in Red Rock Canyon), will be operating over the holidays, so don’t hesitate to visit the stables or see one of Old Town‘s “melodramas”. Try one of our “world famous” burgers or fresh-baked pies, and fill up on great, home-style dishes until you’re ready to hibernate. Our fully-stocked saloon will be keeping visitors warm all through winter, and the zoo is always a sure bet for enjoyment year-round. Bonnie Springs Ranch’s hours of operation will not change during the holidays, so bring your family out and celebrate the season.

Additionally, we would like to remind our guests of our involvement with Friends of Red Rock Canyon. Bonnie Springs maintains a proud relationship with the organization, which strives to preserve the natural beauty and condition of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Relying on volunteers and donations, the group celebrates and tends to the outdoor wonders of southern Nevada and works to keep Red Rock “graffiti free”. Remember, supporting Friends of Red Rock Canyon in turn supports Bonnie Springs, allowing us to showcase the ranch’s remarkable landscapes and provide the activities visitors have been enjoying for decades. Help us maintain Red Rock Canyon and all it has to offer this holiday season.


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