Event Arena at Bonnie Springs Ranch

Bonnie Springs Ranch maintains on its premises a full rodeo arena capable of hosting any manner of live event. Located directly next to the stables, the arena can accommodate thousands of spectators in its bleacher seating and has hosted numerous rodeos and equestrian events, including bull riding, barrel racing, mounted shooting competitions, and locally organized ventures, in addition to providing space for daily riding. Those seeking thrills beyond hiking or riding in Red Rock Canyon are always welcome to join the audience for one of Bonnie Springs’ event showcases. As the first attraction visible upon entering the ranch, the arena serves as the most obvious and largest component of the property and contributes great potential to Bonnie Springs’ ability to host major events and service the southern Nevada community.

The excitement of the Old West and live entertainment flourishes at Bonnie Springs Ranch!

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Rodeo at Event Arena Rodeo at Event Arena

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