Best Breakfast in Red Rock Canyon

Bonnie Springs Ranch Restaurant, Red rock CanyonAs people travel  to see the wonder of Red Rock Canyon, morning hikes and canyon tours become the norm.  For many the only choice for breakfast is the restaurant at Bonnie Springs Ranch.  Set in a crazy but comfortable setting.  The Bonnie Springs restaurant is  an experience of it’s own.  The tables are made from slabs of wood and the walls are covered with cool western decor.  The wait staff is friendly and always ready to bring you one of the best bloody marys made anywhere.

Bonnie Springs Ranch is 35 minutes West of the Las Vegas Strip by car and set in the beauty of Red Rock Canyon where over two million visitors from around the world come to see the most easily accessible canyons in the country.  Set at the base of the canyon,

Streets of Old Nevada, Bonnie Springs Ranch, Red Rock CanyonBonnie Springs Ranch is also the home of the Old Nevada western town.  Built in the 1970s the old town is a blast from the past where you can find cowboys shooting it out on the streets and you can witness a town hanging.  Or visit the town saloon.  Bonnie Springs Ranch is also an ideal location for corporate events with facilities that will accommodate up to 900 people, complete with a catering kitchen and commercial barbeque area.

So if you find yourself looking for a morning excursion and have your heart set on country fried steak and eggs or just a hand made omelet with the fixin’ of your choice.  Hop in your car and discover the best kept secret in Red Rock Canyon.  The restaurant at Bonnie Springs Ranch.