Bonnie Springs Zoo to Add African Serval

Bonnie Springs Zoo African ServalBreaking!!! The Bonnie Springs Ranch Zoo staff is pleased to announce that we are expecting to add our very first African Serval this July! Indigenous to southern Africa, the serval (also known as the tierboskat) bears distinction in that it remains the only member of the genus Leptailurus since its first recorded identification in 1776. Furthermore, the species retains a rich history of association with human beings, as evidenced in depictions dating back to Ancient Egypt; the animals are occasionally kept as pets (under strict regulation) even to this day.

Physically, the serval sports the longest legs (relative to body size) of any cat species and employs this unique endowment, as well as its keen senses of hearing and smell, for retrieving prey from burrows or fish from the water. At maturity, the animal may extend to well over three feet in body length (excluding the tail) and weigh over thirty pounds. Servals engage in solitary lifestyles; the females, often dubbed “single mothers”, notably raise and guard the offspring alone. 

The Bonnie Springs Zoo is offering our visitors the opportunity to vote on a name for the animal! Those who donate at the ranch are eligible to vote between June 10 and August 17. Make sure to visit us this summer and help greet the newest member of the Bonnie Springs family!

Call us at (702) 875-4191 for information