Bar, Red Rock Canyon, bonnie springs RanchRed Rock Canyon’s Only Bar

The bar has become it’s own destination in the Red Rock Canyon area. It’s just a fun, low key place to enjoy friends and grab a drink after a day of exploring the ranch and Red Rock Canyon. There is also Las Vegas-style video gaming set into the bar for you to enjoy. The Bar is in the front of ranch (to the left of the parking lot) and the Old Nevada Town area as you enter and is always accessible to the public.

Thousands of Dollars… The Story

Back in the day, one of the founders of Bonnie Springs (Al Levinson) went to the Desert Inn for dinner and showed up without wearing a tie. The Desert Inn would not let him in and in return he vowed to never let anyone wearing a tie into the Bonnie Springs restaurant. Anyone trying to enter the restaurant with a tie on had to give it up or they would be turned away. Many of these, tie wearing customers gladly gave up their tie and handed them over to the Bonnie Springs staff. The staff started hanging the ties on the ceiling beams of the restaurant and proceeded to collect hundreds of them. In many cases the customer would hang the tie themselves and pin a dollar bill to it. After a while the ties began to deteriorate and the only thing left were the dollar bills and a very few ties. To this day, the tradition of hanging ties and pinning dollar bills continues, hence the multitude of ties and dollar bills that now can be seen residing in the Bonnie Springs Restaurant and Bar.

The Saloon

The Saloon at Bonnie Springs is inside of the old town at the end of the street. It also offers a full bar and a limited menu of hot dogs and pop corn in the saloon. This is a great place to relax during your time in the Old Nevada town.

Groups & Events

The Saloon is set up to handle groups of up to 900 people, but we can also separate the Saloon into 3 band, bonnie Springs ranch, corporate eventsdifferent areas with audio visual. This western setting is perfect for private or corporate events, complete with a full catering kitchen, group size barbeque area, and bus transportation area; we can handle all your entertainment too and offer a variety of options upon request.