Bonnie Screams 2018 is Here!


Dear Reader,

October is finally here, and this can mean only one thing: our 11th Annual Bonnie Screams Halloween Celebration is now underway! It’s only been two weeks, but we have already seen some of the best (and most terrified) crowds in our history. All-new attractions, design, and performers have helped to make this possibly our scariest season ever. We are excited to announce that Bonnie Screams has been expanded to include five haunted houses this year, giving us enough frights to cover every phobia our visitors bring in with them. Guests may arrive at the haunts via the Bonnie Screams Express–a chance to rest up and take a deep breath before reaching the haunts–or the Haunted Trail, which gives our braver visitors a preview of what is in store for them at the ranch. Once inside, however, our hospitality will only take you so far; it is up to you to make it through the Bonnie Screams site in one piece. Between the haunts and the roaming spirits, well…we wish you all good luck. Of course, October would not be complete without the return of Zombie Paintball, the premier Halloween experience in Las Vegas. Board the bus and battle the zombie hordes that have risen from their graves along the Old Spanish Trail. Whether you take on the haunts, the trail, Zombie Paintball, or all three, we know you’ll have more than enough opportunities to test your nerves and your senses. We just hope you’ll help us celebrate our favorite part of the year and join the over 20,000 brave souls who have dared to try the Bonnie Screams experience. We’ll be waiting.

                                                                                                                           –The Bonnie Screams 2018 Staff

P.S. Please bring extra underwear.