The Bonnie Springs Ranch Zoo, located behind the gift shop in Old Town, offers your family an exciting opportunity to get up close and personal with animals both native and foreign to Nevada. From local rabbits and burros to Australian emus and wallabies, the zoo contributes an exotic and interactive source of entertainment for visitors of all ages. In keeping with the Old Town environment, roaming chickens may even accompany you on your journey.

Established shortly after the ranch opened to the public, the Bonnie Springs zoo actually arose by chance after an unknown individual abandoned a sheep at the property and two deer subsequently arrived. Bonnie McGaugh, our founder, welcomed the animals and adopted a wolf before receiving two miniature goats from Las Vegas icon Wayne Newton. Inspired by the incidents and her rapidly expanding host of four-legged guests, McGaugh officially began construction on a zoo area in the early 1960s. As a non-profit, the zoo functions as a haven for disparate and abandoned animals to this day while displaying the natural splendor of the Mojave Desert.

As with the rest of the Old Town area, dogs are not permitted in the petting zoo.

Open from 10:30am to 6pm in the Summer and 10:30am to 5pm in the Winter. A great place for field trips.

Admission Costs:

Monday and Tuesday | Adults and Children: $7.
Wednesday thru Sunday | Adults: $10, Children: $7

Sarabi, Zoo, servalWelcome Sarabi, an African serval and the newest member of the Bonnie Springs family!

Stop the Presses!

The Bonnie Springs Ranch Petting Zoo is now non-profit. We are pleased to announce that the petting zoo on the property of Bonnie Springs Ranch is now non-profit.

Visit the new Zoo website now! Anyone who would like to volunteer or donate is encouraged to email or phone the main office at 702-875-4191.