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Creating memories of your child and their first pony…

One of the most amazing aspects of Bonnie Springs Ranch is the opportunity to create and capture memories.  Today there are just not that many places where you can put your child on a pony.  Give them their first horse back riding experience at a tender young age. See wonder in their eyes as they mount their first pony and capture their smile with your phone or camera.  These are memories that will live forever for both parent and child alike.

Please share your photos to our Facebook Page and other social media, we love to see your photos!

We are located in the heart of Red Rock Canyon.  Make an appointment to tour our stables and meet our crew.

Pony rides are offered daily. $7.50 per child.

The Red Rock Riding Stables:

  • Pony rides
  • Specialty & group rides

Pony Rides requirements:

  • Must be 5 years of age or under
  • Must be less than 50lbs
  • No open toed shoes.
  • No double riding.
  • These requirements must be met for pony rides.

The final pony ride each day will begin at 4:00 pm.

Call 702-875-4191 or email us at: info@bonniesprings.com for current rates and ride times.