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Bonnie Screams    or    Zombie Paintball Express

About Bonnie Screams

During the month of October the Old Western Town is turned into the Halloween adventure “Bonnie Screams”-the haunted ghost town.  Set against the dark skies of Red Rock Canyon and located 30 minutes West of the Las Vegas Strip, the Bonnie Screams haunted ghost town is the premier annual Halloween event in Las Vegas and the Red Rock Canyon area. With multiple haunted houses, the haunted saloon, the old ghost mine and Halloween actors of all types wandering the streets. Bonnie Screams is safe, fun and frightening.

The experience begins at the outer parking lot near the train depot and the Zombie Paintball Express, where ghouls will guide you to the town.

This haunted adventure is not recommended for children under 13 years of age.  

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Bonnie Screams is open Wednesday through Sunday – 6:30 PM to 12:00 AM
Admission is $30.00 per person
*To ensure the quality of the experience, daily ticket sales are limited

About Zombie Paintball Express

Come join us and shoot zombies at Bonnie Springs Ranch in the heart of Red Rock Canyon!

Part of the annual “Bonnie Screams” Halloween celebration, the Zombie Paintball Adventure affords visitors the opportunity to test their shooting skills on the zombie hordes overrunning Bonnie Springs. Aboard the Zombie Paintball Express, participants go beyond Old Town and scour Bonnie Springs for dozens of undead targets throughout October in Las Vegas’ only paintball bus ride. A break from the cowering and shrieking that accompanies the haunted houses, the Zombie Paintball Adventure offers an opportunity to exact revenge against the horrid creatures at “Bonnie Screams”. Prepare yourself and your friends for the ultimate in paintball and Halloween haunts!

Bonnie Screams, Bonnie springs, red rock canyonThe experience begins at the outer parking lot near the train depot and the entrance to Bonnie Screams.
The Zombie Paintball Express tickets are $30.00 per person
* There are a limited number of tickets available per night

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Bonnie Screams    or    Zombie Paintball Express

*Group rates are available for groups of 20+ people, when the tickets are purchased in a block.